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Community projects at Hull Raspberry Jam

The growing community of Hull Raspberry Jam have been using show and tell sessions to look at connecting Raspberry Pi to the LoRaWAN network, alongside sensor nodes from the project.

Within range of the city centre gateway, meetups are on a Saturday and hosted at the Central Library on Albion Street

Look out for smart Pi projects emerging; smart garden, smart lights, smart music, smart what next! Their next Jam is on Saturday 22 April, details here.

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Education Meetup on 9th May

Connected Hull: Empowering young people to make the world a better place through IOT

We’re challenging the young people of Hull to use their digital making skills to make a smarter, more connected world. How will you be able to use the tools from the Connected Hull project in schools and with community groups?

Find out more as we meet up at C4Di on Tuesday 9th May, 15:30 - 16:30.

Link to free registration page is here

Who is this event aimed at?

Teachers and educators of KS2 - KS5 with an interest in how technology and creativity can support innovative ideas and learning opportunities. Your main focus could be art, music, PSHE, maths, geography, computing, music, D&T, science........Connected Hull is definitely a cross-curricular programme.

Software has been developed with an educational focus, to support teachers and learners to create projects and design their own new inventions. Teachers will be able to explore starter projects and develop their own idea across the curriculum.

Join us as we support children and students to play their role in building Hull as a smart city, and as cited in this NESTA report, from the ground up.

What story could your students share with environmental data such as temperature, humidity, movement or sound levels taken from their own community? What will be their focus or problem to solve?

Photo of ODI: Ian S, geograph.org.uk

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