Ada Lovelace Day with KS3 students in Hull

July 4, 2017, 5:19 p.m.

This week's workshop was an Ada Lovelace Day, with a focus on collecting data to support peers and inspire and challenge 30 students joining us from two schools across Hull.

Computing teachers from Sirius Academies North and West planned with us to launch a range of computing and data activities for the girls to solve and build throughout the event.

They also wanted to extend opportunities to explore careers and further insights into STEM fields.

Group of 3 students working around the table to complete their sewing and add the wearable tech device into their textiles piece

The Pioneers Outdoor Challenge from the Raspberry Pi Foundation was received positively by the groups and teams were encouraged to document their projects with video diaries and submit their ideas and inventions.

One project using a sunglasses case as the container to keep the Codebug, power supply and UV sensor together and share data through an LED ring

Inventions centred around temperature, humidity, air pressure and UV data sets collected, with wide-ranging applications to support peers.

Some involved alerting friends to high temperatures at the beach, heat concerns with pets, phones and siblings in cars (that wasn't the prioritised order!), or UV levels and suggesting ideas to stay sun safe.

Others were based on supporting medical needs, with one project in particular using temperature data to assist a family member with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Pano image showing different groups of students working in teams to sew and create code for their wearables projects

Great to see so much positive collaboration and problem solving throughout the event, with outcomes to make such a positive difference in their own communities.

Example project using a strip of LEDs to show data collected for UV levels attached to a bottle of suncream

Examples of code downloaded onto the Codebug devices here.

There are more examples of community projects using Raspberry Pi and sensor nodes across Hull. Join us to hear their data and listen to the music created for the city's collaboration piece as Sam Aaron joins us on Thursday 13th July.

This evening showcase will be centred around using Sonic Pi to share live coding at Sirius Academy West. Everybody's welcome - just use this link to register for your free ticket.

Desktop computer showing code to create wearables project and collect environmental data


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