Congratulations to Hull's latest Digital Pioneers!

July 21, 2017, 12:16 p.m.

The project submitted by the 'Sunscreen Superstars' team at our recent Ada Lovelace Day has received a special recognition award from the judges of the Pioneers Challenge.

Congratulations to the group and we look forward to hearing more digital making tales on their return from the Pioneers Summer Camp at Google HQ next week.

The KS3 students designed a project with a purpose to protect peers from harmful sunlight. The young digital makers measured UV levels and processed the data to display warning lights when it was time to apply more suncream.

Their code has already been remixed and has inspired others to make inventions that help make the world better. The project shows that computing has applications in the outdoors and is not just confined to the classroom.

Example project using a strip of LEDs to show data collected for UV levels attached to a bottle of suncream


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