Engaging Student Voice through Project-Based Environmental Learning

July 1, 2017, 3:08 p.m.

Access to STEM activities, and problem-based approaches to learning, are at the heart of this Connected Hull programme.

That’s seen us tailoring schools’ challenges to explore areas of global citizenship, and project-based learning methodology to solve real-world challenges facing local communities.

Codebug with sensor board

Sensor technologies currently available for Citizen Science approaches support students to collaborate on a range of environmental issues and make a positive impact on their own community.

One of the first projects has been to measure UV levels. That's using the power of student voice to support peers, raise awareness and educate others about harmful levels and how to protect against them.

If you're interested in the code used to facilitate projects created by children from age 7+ years, then you'll find it here.

Showing code to download onto a sensor node and measure uv levels

We’re facilitating workshops where young digital makers are using their computing skills to design, build and take innovative student-driven research projects into their chosen environments.

And then share their finding and creative solutions to a wider audience.

Codebug wearable tech being used to measure UV and show as lights on the LED ring

An introductory workshop using Codebug as a wearables project has allowed us to introduce the opportunities available through Citizen Science and IOT.

Initial data collection includes temperature , air pressure, humidity, altitude and GPS. The new air quality board will also be used to support the next programme of workshops over the Summer.

Children and communities will, however, be able to use their code with sensor nodes and link their environmental data and findings from this first phase of projects to the Connected Hull dashboard and coverage through The Things Network for Hull.

Through this approach we’re discussing the benefits, applications and considerations of big data, GPS metadata and privacy of personal data before adding to future project builds.

Codebug wearable tech used to measure UV and visuallise on string of leds


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