Race Day Telemetry in Hull with Project Blyth

July 17, 2017, 4:10 p.m.

Introduced to Vaughn Curnow from Project Blyth earlier this year, we were gripped within minutes by the exciting learning opportunities offered by the programme!

Run by the Greenpower Education Trust, Sunday 16th July 2017 saw the culmination of many collaborations centred around inspiring young people through STEM.

Teams of students, ranging in age from 9 years to Post-16, raced single seat electric cars that they'd built over time with the support of industry mentors. The circuit was located around the KCOM Stadium in Hull.

photo taken from the front of an electric race car before the start of the race as teacher carries out final checks with students, driver sitting and ready in car

Our Connected Hull project was able to support by offering research and trials of telemetry possibilities via The Things Network, particularly to teams we'd worked with during prototype phases of hardware and software.

One students pushing the team's Project Blyth race car on the tarmac before the race with driver ready, photo from side angle

One school was Francis Askew Primary in Hull, and you can hear their team of 9-11 year old engineers talking about using sensors and data collection to impact on their own driving performance.

The podcast below also includes snippets from their teacher about how future developments with sensor technology can support them with particular aspects of car efficiency.

We'll share data and a closer look at the technology added to the builds in the next blogpost.

teacher doing final checks on the car before Project Blyth race with adult ready holding a chequered flag to start

Images and podcast by Jerome Whittingham


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